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One Destiny One Love ©

Mike Barclay
Münster, Germany

Your soul has entered my heart
In love I feel your nearness
Soft lips fill me with sweetness
Gentle words caress me
I touch you with tenderness
We dance upon the waves
You give me life
Each breath I take is for you
Safe in your love
Wings cover us as we love
One in Beauty

Far away
We sleep with our eyes
Dream the same old dreams
Dancing on a volcano of a longing soul
To reach the eternity between the stars
A rose catches my moonbeams
Wind is whispering into my heart
A burning fire like a flaming star
I ask myself where you are.
The wings of freedom under my life will
Like an eagle over mountains of black and gold
The road is so close
The gates to my passion so near
Let me walk over the rainbow bridge into your arms
With tenderness so silk and softly
Like a bed of roses
When candles talk to lover’s hearts

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