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Once Upon a Moonlit Night ©

Alan Shand
Cumbernauld, Scotland

Once upon a moonlit night
I prayed to you with all my might
To hold me close and hold me tight
As this would bring me such delight

To hold you near or touch your hand
I wish for you to understand
The love I have was never planned
Your every wish is my command

This to you I must confide
A love from which I cannot hide
Like raging bull or ocean tide
Twisting turning trapped inside

A skin so soft and scent so pure
A love from me, which will endure
And this I know I know for sure
For what I have there is no cure

With hair that falls like rivers flow
And lips that glisten like the snow
You've touched my heart now watch it grow
Beating faster to and fro

Looking deep in to your eyes
It comes to me as no surprise
You send me soaring to the skies
To be with you the greatest prize

And as the sun shines after rain
It does not take away the pain
My love for thee will still remain
I fear my heart will not regain

You've stole my heart I must confess
This has caused me such distress
Praying for your sweet caress
Why did I create this mess?

And as I lay upon my bed
A million thoughts rush through my head
A million things I should have said
I fall asleep and dream instead

More beauty than my breath can take
I'll dream of you until I wake
I dream of you all through the night
Dreams so clear so pure and bright

If I make but one mistake
My heart is yours for you to take
But if you do not take my heart
It will not beat it will not start

To be with you and you alone
A greater love I've never known
I've never felt a love like this
What I'd give for just one kiss?

More beauty than I can conceive
I wear my heart out on my sleeve
If nothing else you must believe
I'm not trying to deceive

To share a kiss is all I seek
In every day of every week
Weak for you in every way
Every hour of every day

And after all is said and done
I now know you are the one
More dazzling than the rising sun
More precious than when life begun

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