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Oliverís Dream ©

Ray E. MacRae
New South Wales, Australia

Oliver lived on an orchard with his mother, father and two bigger brothers.
They grew apples, big red apples.
Oliver was born a cripple but God gave him a loving heart so he had many friends.
Oliver longed to go and work in the orchard with his father and big brothers.
His body was not strong enough of course
but this did not stop him from wishing and hoping that some day he would.

Each day he would hobble out to the house gate to wave goodbye in the morning
and was always there to welcome them home again in the evening.
Each night his brothers would take it in turn to reach down
and put him on their back and happily carry him inside.

One evening in the coldest part of winter, he was at the gate waiting.
They were later than usual and Oliver began to shiver.
He knew he should go inside but he wanted to greet them.
They would be along soon.

As he waited he looked up at the night sky as he loved to do
and suddenly a star brighter than the others began to come towards him.
As it came closer the night became like day and he felt warmer.
He realised he could stand,
his body was tall and strong ,
his wish had become true.
He ran off to the orchard to help his father and brothers.

He looked everywhere, called to them, but they were not there.
suddenly he remembered, they had gone to town to sell the apples
and would be late home that evening.
He ran back to his mother at home to tell her the good news.

As he approached the house gate he saw a crumpled body resting against the gate post.
He knew he could not go in and tell his mother for at once he realised,
it was his crippled shape there in the cold. Lifeless.
So in happiness he went to God to await and greet his family.
as they in turn came to their true home.

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