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Old Rosie ©

William Carolan
Luton, England

She was a friendly old lady named Rosie
A lady of no fixed abode:
Who enjoyed her life to the full
as she travelled the country roads.

Her suitcase was a carrier bag
where she kept her worldly goods.
Memories of her past life
and a little bit of food:

Her life was full of ups and downs
but you never heard her moan.
A family tiff some years ago
left Rosie on her own.

But it never seemed to trouble her,
it never got her down.
She always had a smile for you,
never a frown:

She met people on her travels
who were really very kind.
They loved to hear her stories
though she never was a bind:

She was the typical bag lady;
she travelled very light
and always found a cosy spot
where she could spend the night:

Her days were spent in cafes
or strolling round the town.
She loved window shopping
admiring the lovely gowns.

In the winter months old Rosie
always found a bed
in some warm shelter
where she could lay her head.

But Rosie's getting old now
and slowing down fast.
She thinks a lot about the tiff
that she had in the past.

When friends told her family
of old Rosie's plight.
They thought it was time now
to put things right.

So they went to see Rosie
and said, 'Forget the past.'
But Rosie felt somehow
that it may not last.

Then she thought it may work;
they would see to all her needs.
And after much careful thought
old Rosie agreed.

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