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Old Len Muir Was Funny ©

Robbie Kennedy Bennett
Wolverhampton, England

Old Len Muir was funny,
So much my sides would ache.
He humoured me,
With my mug of tea,
Before I was even awake.

He would tell me funny stories,
Of his days in younger years.
A comical bloke,
With time for a joke,
Even though retirement nears.

I can see him cycling to work and home,
Before eight then half past four.
He gave me happy memories,
That I will keep for evermore.

Len Muir was the funniest of friends,
Wherever I have toiled.
We would start our day and laugh away,
While the kettle boiled.

He would dress in a change of clothes,
His false teeth he would shed.
He'd fool those he'd known for many years,
With a wig upon his head.

When I was twenty one,
And Len was sixty four.
We worked along and sang our song,
That I will sing for evermore.

The years passed by and time went on,
After Len retired.
I grew on through fatherhood,
But old Len I still admired.

The saddest day that came my way,
With news that he'd passed on.
His smile his outlook and humour,
....My funny friend had gone.

The last time that I saw old Len,
Nearing ninety and still so bright.
Soon I passed my last respect,
To a sparkling shining light.

We worked upon a factory floor,
Our duties we did tend.
Through tears of endless laughter,
I made a lifetime friend.

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