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Old Johnnie ©

William Carolan
Luton, England

Johnnie was an old man, so gentle and shy
but he always had a smile for people passing by:

His neighbours all loved him and saw to his needs
and he always repayed them for their kind deeds.

The children loved him and all called him 'dad'
he had no family of his own, which was really very sad.

He lived all alone in his own little flat
just himself and Cyril, his old ginger cat.

He never felt he was really alone
for his neighbours would always call on the phone.

And if they got no answer, would soon come around
to make sure old Johnnie was safe and sound.

He went two days a week to the Old Peoples Club
and spent most of his evenings with friends at the pub:

He had a small garden behind his flat
where he would often be seen in his old floppy hat.

He loved his garden, which he tended with care,
the flowers and the plants which he grew there:

Johnnie's getting older and his walking's not so fast,
the neighbours all feel his best days are past.

But Johnnie himself had other ideas
which astounded his neighbours and all his peers.

He still gets around and goes here and there
and he's quite a good driver in his motorised chair.

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