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Oh! Where are you Going? ©

Tom Green
Fife, Scotland

"0h! Where are you going?” said mother to children.
“The roadway is fatal where cars abound.
Don't play in the park, for there perverts lurk,
But don't let me see you around."

"0h! Where shall we go?" said Jaclyn to Gillian.
Mother has warned us both fully and well”
“Let's go to the shops, keep clear of the cops.
We're sure to get something to sell."

"0h! What shall I do?" said trader to policeman
"They're red-handed as you can now see.
It'll take lots of turps to clear this lot up.
Why they opened the tin baffles me."

"0h! What were you doing?" said sheriff to mother
When your children were doing all this?"
"I had to stay in, drinking tonic and gin,
Because oblivion is absolute bliss."

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