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Oh, For a Stronger Table ©

Gordon Fjaelberg
Bridgend, Wales

How can I best impart my hopes,
Or explain my deepest dreams,
When all my fondest notions
Heed the whimsy of extremes?
Who to tell my heartaches to,
My momentary lapses?
Oh, for a stronger table,
And not one that collapses.

Where do I put my findings
On all the things I'm learning?
Where can I put my thesis,
To stop it over-turning?
How do I utter wisdom
With systems over-loading?
Oh, for a stronger table,
Since this one keeps imploding.

Where might I put the cuttings
When newsprint tells my story?
Plus, of course, my filo-fax,
The power and the glory,
All cross-referred and indexed
In case by chance I miss one;
Oh, for a stronger table,
I'm sick to death of this one.

How best to store my knowledge
In neat lines, alphabetic,
So folk may dip at random?
It's really too pathetic.
Imagine my frustration,
My anguish and my sorrow -
But for a stronger table
I'd change the world tomorrow!

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