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Oh Calcutta, Calcutta Cup ©

Danny Reynolds
Dalton in Furness, England

Oh Calcutta, Calcutta Cup
It's half time and we're 9-3 up

To stay in front would be a treat
But the realist in me knows, we're gonna get beat?

I might take back what I just said,
especially since we're now 12-3 ahead!

(My strange oubursts are purely momentary,
I'm attempting a rhyming commentary!)

Oh dear, would someone please pinch me.
It seems the score's now 15-3?

What! You distracted me for the shortest of time
now its 15-6 and then 15-9!

But through the Murrayfield mire and mud
The Bravehearts fight wi' fire and blood

Then as Tom Croft is bundled into touch
Scotland's might just proved a mite too much!

(Note: This poem was 40 minutes in the making,
the last 5 of which seemed like an hour!)

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