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Ode to the Victims ©

Ollie Buchanan-Dunlop
Chippenham, England

We speak of waves and angry seas,
Devastated buildings and massacred trees.
Livelihoods shattered, broken and ripped,
In that tumultuous moment when the ground did split
And left a resounding scar on the face of humanity
But with utmost horror and sheer profanity,
The target was the weak, the poor, the helpless,
Those who had nothing to relieve their distress.
These people of the Sub-Continent and South-East Asia,
From Sri Lanka to Thailand, Aceh and Malaysia,
Where money is sparse and life is tough,
Where chores are unyielding and never enough.
They should not have to bear this dire disaster,
These proud indigenous tribes with glorious culture.
And families with simple ways of life and being,
With 'live for the moment' attitudes and ways of seeing
The world in its simplest, most fundamental way,
With the fear of their Gods forcing them to pray
To prevent such an appalling and grim catastrophe,
From affecting their families and their will to be.
Our thoughts of sorrow and pity are for you.

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