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Ode To The Loch Ness Monster ©

Gordon Fjaelberg
Bridgend, Wales

Here's good luck to you, Nessie,
As you're hunted and you're sought,
But there's none will ever reach you -
Though your replicas are bought.
They gave you Latin titles
Which don't mean a thing to you,
Yet the world's in need of magic,
And I dare say you will do.

Your name's debased on items,
Cotton cloth and pewter tray,
For those camera-clicking tourists
Whom you spare no time of day.
Still, we crave your constant values
In this age of manic guile,
For the world's in need of magic,
And I wish you'd stay awhile.

How you little heed we humans
Whom you've tantalised of old,
With your half-seen visitations
When the day is young, and cold.
You're so right to shun us, Nessie,
For we're evil, greedy men,
But the world's in need of magic;
Shall we see you, once again?

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