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Ode To Security Officers ©

Gordon Fjaelberg
Bridgend, Wales

We patrol the corridors of power
Though we're only on 6 an hour.
You should hear us laugh
When executives start
Telling tales of their ulcers
And their dicky hearts;
We patrol away,
We just patrol away.

As we check that everywhere's secure,
For you really cannot be too sure,
We just glance at the memos
Learn what Personnel needs,
Add a line in the margin,
Follow up where it leads;
We patrol away,
We just patrol away.

We will guard the doors, permitting entry
With the zeal of any Army sentry.
We salute all Directors
And Department Heads,
Give a scowl to the common
Hoi-polloi instead;
We patrol away,
We just patrol away.

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