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Ode to a Mouse ©

John Bearcat-Redmond
Fife, Scotland

There is a wee mouse in my kitchen and I just saw him run along
Across the cooker and down the sink and I can hear him squeak his song
There was an adult and a big cat gazing at the floor
And the mouse didn't give a hoot for us as it slipped underneath the floor
I must admire its courage its tenacity and its zeal
But I'd hate to think what the big cat will do if it catches it
My God, will that wee mouse squeal
They're just a wee hairy nuisance, but I stay next to a Farm
What more can I expect in this cold, cold weather
Even the mice, they like to keep themselves warm
But even though they're little they can cause lots of harm and flap
So it has to be the hunting cat, or caught in the old fashioned trap

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