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Ode: On Gullane Beach©

A Dream - on returning home to Scotland:
Patrick Scott Hogg
Cumbernauld, Scotland

The red sun's flame was falling far from reach
O'er the horizon of a deep dark sea:
There, a strange dream came to me
As I fell asleep on a warm sandy beach,

Overcome with joy, profound and deep
I heard the Music - a nocturnal tune
Symphonic, symbiotic, while the moon,
On sea, was dancing lights that climbed the deep.

Sky dominant, reflecting on the sand
The moonlit path, as from a world to come -
Shone all harmonious - the moon, a drum.
My blood was salted-sea and flesh, the land.

Islands were there - in tantalizing view;
Such happiness electrified my glee,
And tears, like pearls unto a silver sea,
Rolled on the sand, turning like midnight dew.

Thus, Nature blessed, these forge-fired eyes,
Awoke, to see the new day had begun:
The wings of morning, rising with the sun
And tide, revealed my visitor and my prize:

In a dream Caledonia spoke to say
"To speak my will is now your destiny".

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