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Nursing Angels ©

Hamish M Anstruther

A tribute to the nurses who lovingly care for the very ill,
while always showing fortitude and devotion.

When quietly gliding past the bed,
A cool breeze fans the fevered brow.
Fingers softly stroke the weary head,
And soothing voice calms the patient now.

Calmly serene, they impart repose,
To all those in suffering severe.
Sure devotion and sense of purpose,
Though others fail, they persevere.

When illness descends to dark despair,
Sad spirits rise to their friendly smile.
In times of need they are always there,
The patient's worst fears to reconcile.

With the staunchest hope and self-belief,
They administer to all in need.
And to those in pain they bring relief;
This caring, kindly, selfless breed.

Some no more than a slip of a girl,
With faces bright and hearts so true.
But every one a precious pearl,
Ready to serve for me and for you.

And if death visits their vocation,
The frail and weakest may succumb.
They accept with calm resignation,
That some battles just cannot be won.

Still undaunted, pursuing their cause,
With determination unfailing.
Human souls to rescue from the jaws
Of disorder, sickness and ailing.

And through it all, their personal life
Must never encroach or interfere.
In the face of tragedy or strife,
Composed, assured they must appear.

What price their worth to people in need,
In hospice, homes and hospitals?
To their rewards we should all pay heed;
Those heavenly "Nursing Angels".

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