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Tom Barker
Joondalup, Australia

Just remember what happened,
to the Guy who struck a match.
He were goin' ti blaw up Parliament,
but to his plan there was a catch.

Someone saw him in't shadows,
and reported to the Guard.
Who followed him inter cellar
below the Tower yard.

"God have mercy! Come ye quick!"
a sight turned gut to curds.
"If that villain lights yon wick,
we'll be flyin' 'igh like the birds!"

Gunpowder kegs were ivveryweer,
stacked aggi'n the walls.
Then one stalwart Gentleman
grabbed Guy by the smalls.

"Tha'll do thee sen' a mischief lad
app'n thee should light yon wick!
Ah'd put it down reet sharp,
afore ah belt thee wi' me stick!"

But Guy Fawkes wudn't be beat,
an' suddenly he bent down,
Vainly tried to light that wick,
that would blow up half the town.

King Jim the Fust were upstairs,
he knew if there should be a blast.
App'n 'e'd moved three miles away,
'e didn't want to be King Jim the last.

Casually 'e were feedin't goldfish,
when a runner bearin' news.
Staggered and gasped through litter,
that were bungin' up most o' the mews.

In't dungeon wus a brief scuffle,
then Guy was taken by force.
An' lodged in't Tower dungeon,
weer 'e showed not a bit o' remorse.

1605, it were when they gor him.
And King Jim being a bit o' a prude,
didn't stop to watch the proceedin's,
as they cut off things reet crude.

Tied to a stake and barbecued
but was 'e an enemy o' state?
Or was he burned ti' 'ide somebody else?
But alas fer Guy, it were already too late.

Now kids in merry England,
with an effigy of Fawkes so sly.
Wheel him round in a barra'.
an' beg, "A penny for the Guy."

November the fifth is a big night,
when rockets wizz in the sky.
But how many kids think o' Guy Fawkes,
who to make England better did try.

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