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Not Proven ©

Jim McRobert
Edinburgh, Scotland

A left ma work at five o'clock thi snow lay on thi grund
An made ma way bi Gallowgate homewards a wiz bound
Cuttin' through a building site four boeys thiy spotted me
An thocht thae'd hae a bit o' fun, an' that aa widnae gie

Thiy spread mi oot apoan thi grund an raped mi ower an ower
Passin' folk ignored ma screams a glance an each wid cower
A shouted tae ma throat wiz hoarse as thae boeys laughed at mi
Thin yin he pulled a chib an pit his mark on mi

Each boey he took his turn tae cut mi mair an mair
An as thae held mi doon, I could only plead an stare
A minded awe thi looks thae hud an each thi claise he wore
A promised if a survived thi day Aa'd even up thi score

Thi Polis caught thim quick like, thi Papers hud a ball
Thae boeys they pleaded innocent, A musta hud a faw
Thin thiy changed thir tune, A'd begged it frae thim awe
A cut masell tae claim fir cash, thae boeys thae hud thi gall

Wull in thi Court they hud thir day 'Not Proven' I heard it said
I screamed and screamed as thae sniggered, I might as wull bi dead
But a Lawyer took ma Case in haund, he'd fight a Civil case
10,000 pounds fir each count o' rape 100,000 fir ma face

He won it bi an Ancient Law, thi Papers they did plead
and behind thi Mask A wore in Court ma smile wiz sweet indeed
but not one sou was paid to me thae boeys thae thocht it awe wiz fun
till I hired a Paisley guy who shot thim one bi one.

So if yi walk thi streets yin day an yi meet a gang o boeys
Dinnae make a single squeak, dinnae make a noise
Mind thi words they talk aboot, let them hae thir fun
Let thim hae thir day in Court, thin blast thim wae a gun.

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