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Not Again! ©

Andrea R M Fletcher

Not again!
Discussion about another war
Children live day by day in the war zone
While mankind advocates war!
Fear of walking the streets
Fear, and more fear mounts each day
Oppression against the people

Military tanks roamed from street corner to street corner
From homes, to homes, bodies lay still
Where their last breath they took
Scenes of another blood bath!
In the streets, homes, and public places
This! is another public outcry
Mourners chanted from way down yonder
Lord have mercy, have mercy--have mercy!

Children live in constant fear
Hopes are shattered, dreams are destroyed
Children walk along gravel fields
Where Bullets sound above their heads, pow-pow-pow!
Duck, stay down, act dead, if you want to live another day in the war zone
Run, if there is a way out
Shaking, screaming, shivering. Help! Help!

It is another day in the war zone
Worries, worries--worry!
The feeling of pain, with each tear cried
Will the children make it to their destination alive?
Will they survive the school atmosphere?

In the war zone, fear takes the place of focus
Every day, every day
No peace, no hope, no dreams
Here! people live on borrowed time
Here! people are tired, worn down, and beat down
Here! children pray for an end to the violence
For mankind to sit and talk in peace
To live peacefully in brotherhood, and love
Without killing, wreaking havoc and misery upon each other

Questions asked?
If these killings and hatred were to continue,
Could this be a spin off from world war two?
Could we be looking at the start of world war three?
Devastation, frustration, starvation
Because of attitudes, latitudes, and magnitudes,
No satisfaction, no peace.
The children live in fear.

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