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No Goodbyes ©

Ian McCrae
Sydney, Australia

I don't know how to say goodbye.
Your rolling hills and clear blue skies,
Your winter winds hard frost and snow
The morning sun when all a glow:

I can still see your mountain tops
Daffodils and Snow Drops,
I long to hear the wild geese call
Old fir trees standing tall:

The years drift by the leaves are falling
I can still hear my homeland calling,
A voice that tells me I belong
The reason why I sing Scots songs:

To say goodbye would just offend
My ancestral heritage I will defend,
Battle fields where kinsmen fell
Listen to the tolling bell.

The things I dearly love and trust,
Are fading just like heather dust,
I won't say goodbye, I don't know how
Cheerio then, just for now.

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