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Noel's Old Shoes ©

Ian McCrae
Sydney, Australia

A pair of old shoes
That are tattered and torn,
They still serve the purpose
For what they were shorn.

They are very comfortable
In an old fashioned way,
he wears them and wears them
Day after day.

Sweaty and smelly
They donít look too good,
Comfortable: comfortable
They just suit his mood.

He knows that they
Are well in decay,
Heís not short of money
He just likes it that way.

They have travelled together
Year after year,
They have never let him down
They are part of his gear.

They are now old and ragged
They are falling apart.
When he slips them on
he feels good in his heart.

He wore them in Sydney and Adelaide too
And over in London, they were admired by few,
Up in to Scotland an occasional frown
Some people would think he was wearing a crown

Back in old Ireland
In his old stomping ground,
No one noticed
Whether they were black or brown.

He is back home in Aus
His old shoes are wearing thin,
One day, but not too soon
Heíll find his old shoes outside in the bin.

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