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Nobility ©

Mystery Rose
St Louis, USA

Wondering, searching around for clues
But in my heart, I know what is true
How do I get that out there for others to view?

Everyday, we make decisions
Some with our hearts and some with our minds
It's good to listen to someone else
It's good to ask when you have doubts
But in the end it is your own opinion that will count.

Words are written and put on display
Truth and lies are mixed into print
Step back for there you will clearly see
Who is targeted for lies and deceit

The truth is often overlooked for some
Is it about money? Or how this will be won?
Whose story is in the print?
Did they capture the heart of the matter?
Or did they sell you at your expense?

Innocence is stolen each and every day
Our children are no longer safe when they go out to play
We must protect from the prey
We must stand strong in all the dismay

There are missing warriors
Trails of tears
What price was paid for all those fears?

Nobility is the dignified behavior of one
It is the truth, the spirit of flight
It is the manner in which we should live our life.

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