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Night Demons ©

Josephine Duthie
Aberdeen, Scotland

I lie curled in maternal warmth,
floating on an island of sanctuary.
A sea of invisible grotesques
distort the darkening shadows
all around me and before me.
I slide deeper into my wombed mantel
hiding from self-made demons.
They haunt my mind and stab at each nerve.
Fear creeps through my cocoon
and I feel threatened.
An irredeemable urge tugs at my senses
begging me to reveal myself
to the night and it's monsters.
I lift my head and open my eyes,
the darkness pours in.
I sense the night demon is near.
His silent echoes bleed adrenaline
into the chilled air.
I sink even deeper
into the soft downy bandage.
I feel his weight pulling
at my comfort shroud.
I stop breathing
as I feel his hot breath
brush against my cheek.
I tense waiting for his touch.
" Mummy are you sleeping? "

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