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New York's Finest ©

Josette Marie Louise Lager
California, USA

Hey Kojak!
You're so cool
The Sinatra hat
I love it and the
snappy style of dress.
Nothing's too good for
New York's finest
New York's best.

Seen any Wise guys
out in the mean streets?
Give 'em a lolly pop
give 'em a treat and then
kick them off your beat.

You would look good
in some wing tip shoes
and a hound's tooth jacket
or maybe Brooks Brothers
if that's your racket.

You got the kind of face
that any mother could
appreciate. You liked hotel
living the service and all
and the wake up calls so do I.

You got robbed so many times
It's hard to keep track
and I'm sorry that you died.
And I wish I had you back.
Rest in peace dear friend
we shall see each other again.

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