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New Year Cleaning ©

Fife, Scotland

This year is ticking past
On the horizon is a new start
My home has had its polishing day
I air beds sort out towels
Designate some for dusters
Just as my Granny did
Itís in the genes

Shortbread with thistles imprinted
Napkins left over from Christmas
All my crystal glasses shine
Even that year we were snowed in
I abided by the Hogmanay rules
By osmosis I gained these skills

Is this a Scottish Trait?
Perhaps a working class dance
Where I take the lead
Become a prima cleaner
With dusters brasso and brush
I even empty the vacuum bag

Just before we hear the bells
I bow my head and give thanks
For all I have for all I am
I have carried the baton
Along with my feather duster
My hearth is well swept
And even the brush is clean

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