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Never Letting Go ©

Chantal Perron
Aylmer, Canada

A search for a wonderful man was done long ago
He was then found and kept safely
We promised to never let each other go
There was something magical about us

Faith and love kept us alive and going
Memories fly by each day of our lives together
Knowing and understanding the power of love
Tears have fallen down many times
Excuses have been made for those sad moments

Impossible to explain how much we mean to each other
Trying our best to live life as it is
Sometimes, it's hard to be somewhere without you
You mean so much to me, it sometimes scares me

Different schools will separate our hands
But in no way will it separate our hearts
Loving each other is a matter of trust
You are trustworthy, I believe in us
Never will I cheat, lie or hurt you

Next thing you know, wedding bells ring
A dance floor full of our friends
The middle is reserved for us
For our love to connect, as it always was.

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