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My World ©

Mystery Rose

My world is going crazy
I am trying to find common ground
Your love is so amazing
Help me turn this all around

We meet in the middle
We part side by side
Our passions for each other
Grow deeper with each stride

If you look in the mirror
What is it you see
Love should be as clear
As the image looking back at me

I like you as much as I love you
I respect you for who you are
I look into your eyes
There is passion and truth

You are my greatest inspiration
You are my knight and shining armor too
You have rescued me from loneliness
And taught me to love you

We will be for each other
As the earth is for the sky
We will share our love
Until the day we die

Did love come from nowhere
No, it came from you
I have no questions unanswered
I have pure peace inside
I never knew how good it could feel
I am glad "love" did not pass me by
Thank you for your honesty
My world is now complete inside...

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