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My Tribute ©

Fife, Scotland

Even the song birds are quiet
As if one by one a decision
To refrain would be appropriate

Railway leading nowhere
Railway leading to
Hell on earth

Symbolic of all the others
Auschwitz remains
And its presence casts a long shadow
That even at noon is cast worldwide

Collusion and scheming to destroy
En masse for a fractured ideal
Lead by zealot with charisma
Who deemed to be a leader

A nation played to win
A nation played follow my leader

First the Jewish then the gypsies
Then those who chose to be different
Followed by the infirm
Dynamics of power are evil

From the distance of time
And the knowledge acquired
I retreat to a place held within
Saved for the important issues

I vow as a woman of my time
To be alert to delusion of grandeur
In those who would seek followers
In a game with evil as its goal

It is my tribute to a lost generation

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