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My Town ©

William Carolan
Luton, England

There's a town in Scotland on the banks of the Clyde,
where they used to build ships to sail far and wide.

The shipyards are gone now it's all very sad,
where there used to be work, now there's none to be had.

There used to be mills too, but they are both gone,
the future looks bleak now, the town so forlorn.

It's strange to go back there and walk round the town,
buildings that used to be, all pulled down.

They say it's for progress we can't stand still,
so they moved all the people up the hill.

The demolition's not finished there's still more to come,
people have no choice, they say it had to be done.

The houses were solid so it was not very clear,
why they had to move, from the homes they loved dear.

Why they had to be moved against their will,
and join the people up on the hill.

The memories I have of this town on the Clyde,
are ones I will cherish with a great deal of pride.

Of my family and friends my feelings will show,
of the place in my heart, PORT GLASGOW!

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