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My Song For Jonathan ©

(Ode to the Maalie)
Nat Hall
Sandwick, Shetland

He who can fly
The wild eddies,
Hear the blue grief
Of their lament.

His remiges
Gliding with ease;
The ocean waves -
His element.

Against the rock
Of the cliff face,
He cuts the wind
Like a garment...

Silky feathers,
Our flying ace
Defies the laws
In an instant!

His life orbits
Around skerries,
Grey against blue -
So elegant...

A place to rest
On crevices,
The cackling
So vehement.

Come May, they're found
Amidst sea-pinks;
Flowers to prove
That they're gallant...

Unafraid of Tammie Nories,
Love is blooming
"My Jonathan"!

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