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My Second Life ©

Thomas Matthew Edgar
Melbourne, Australia

Be taller and slimmer
live like a winner
run like the wind
and be given a prize.
A body like Tarzan
and be a great swimmer
look like Paul Newman
with azure blue eyes.

Have lots of money
be very funny
have lots of
girl friends with
quivering thighs.
Own my own Porsche,
Rolls, Jag and Mercedes,
have lots of suits
and thousands of ties.

Live in a palace
drink from a chalice
be very honest
and never tell lies.
Be philanthropic
and know every topic
be philosophic
and modest and wise.

Sail a great yacht
on the stormy blue ocean
steer it to there
where the Albatross flies.
Catch a great fish
like a Marlin or Tuna,
or be like James Bond
and exterminate spies.

Here's to the end
of my first woeful story
there won't be much
time for sobbing and sighs.
My second time round
will be so filled with glory
to seek new horizons
with endless blue skies.

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