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My Santa Story ©

Anne Dickson
Irvine, Scotland

The north pole is where Santa lives.
He and Mrs Claus.
The elves are busy working.
Making toys for a good cause.

The children send him letters.
Saying what they like.
Dolls and prams and magic sets.
Even a motorbike.

He tries to give them what they want,
if he possibly can.
Santa's saying "Ho! Ho! Ho!"
He is a jolly man.

He dons his suit and his black boots,
and he is looking swell.
He fills his sacks with lots of toys,
and loads his sleigh as well.

The reindeer are all waiting.
To pull on Santa's sleigh.
As Christmas eve gets closer,
and Santa's on his way.

He enters all the houses.
While we are fast asleep.
Leaving presents by the tree.
He really is so sweet.

He travels all around the world,
on that special night.
For all the little children.
He does everything just right.

They get up in the morning.
To see what Santa brought.
All of their wishes all came true.
And Santa had not forgot.

The children are all happy,
playing with their toys.
Showing all their presents.
To other girls and boys.

So have a merry Christmas.
And have a lot of fun.
I hope my little story.
Brings joy to everyone.

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