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My Question ©

Elizabeth Allan
Ontario, Canada

Lord, I know You are the Saviour,
the Master of all things
yet I come before You,
just to ask you some minor things.
First I ask for Your forgiveness and help to show the way,
for I know you are the wise one who can help me with each day.
And Lord I know you love me even though I do commit sins,
and I know Your heart is loving for You let me live.
Yet above all I have one question and yes it's unimportant,
yet I need to ask you this one question.
'Why did you give me life?'
I know that all has a reason and I have wondered about mine
and for many days I wonder why You gave this body life?
What was there about me that You chose me to be born,
within the world I have lived?
Is there anything left in store?
What good can I do here?
What is my reason Lord?
Tell me please,
I need to know the reason why I was born.

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