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My Passing ©

William Carolan
Luton, England

Shed no tears for me when I am gone,
for I have lived life to the full both night and morn.
The laughter lines on my face tell of happy times,
though there were days when life was less sublime.
The times of stress outweighed by happy days,
happy in so many different ways.
Next week I'll be seventy years old,
but your only as young as you feel so I'm told.
To tell you the truth I don't feel my years,
and the years ahead don't hold many fears.
My wife and my family all make me feel young,
and on the ladder of life keep me on the top rung.
Looking back on the years that have already gone,
of the friends I have made, though some have passed on.
The memories I have are mixed with sadness and joy,
right back to the days when I was a boy.
Leaving school, starting work in the yards,
then into the Army, the change was quite hard.
Learning the discipline, learning the rules,
the drills and parades I often found cruel.
But once it was over and you served two years
it was back to the old life and back into gear.
So my life has been full, my candle has shone.
Please just pray for me after I've gone.

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