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My Parents ©

Barbara Wright Brodie
Michigan, U.S.A
1996, updated 2002

My dad is a smart man, he can't be beat,
after all, he was clever enough to marry Marguerite!
He took her to Florida to see the great sights,
they were so in love and full of delight
she was so happy, with joy she did leap, she got
so excited, she fainted in a heap.

They moved to Michigan to start their new life,
young and happy and hardly any strife.
Their first baby was coming, what a wonderful day,
but the Lord wanted her back and took her away.

For the daughter he had taken, the Lord gave three more,
and a handsome son, with intelligence galore.

They gave their lives to Christ and to Him gave praise,
he guided them through, with the children to raise.
Recently mom told me, she loves dad more every day,
I got so choked up, I didn't know what to say.

They are my best friends and they are so grand, they
guide me and taught me, on my own feet to stand.
Their love is so wonderful, sweet and pure.
Of their love is one thing I can always be sure.

One thing in my life I will never ever lack,
the love of my parents and that is a fact.

Their 62nd anniversary was not to be
God called mom to heaven, answering her prayers,
you see.

But now they are together, walking hand and hand
down heaven's lanes

No more memory loss
No more pain....

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