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My Mum ©

William Carolan
Luton, England

I see my old mum sitting there on the chair,
a grand old lady with silvery hair.
Her tired eyes close in a moment of sleep
which I'm sure she can do now, without counting sheep.
She looks very peaceful and so serene
with the cat on her lap, it's a lovely scene.
Perhaps she is dreaming of happy days past,
but her tired eyes open, the dream did not last.
I am sure she would dream of the family she raised
and how each one had their different ways.
She would dream of her life and often of dad,
and the happy times the family had.
She would dream of the hardships she also went through
during the war - and she had quite a few.
Dad was a prisoner in some foreign land
she just had to cope, he was not at hand.
She would dream of the friends who were always there,
to give her a shoulder and show that they cared.
She would dwell on the good times not on the bad
for that was her way - she never felt sad.
She would help a neighbour in time of stress
and help cheer them up when they felt depressed.
She would dream of her children all grown up now
and watch her grandchildren all take a bow.
That's what I think she would dream about.
These would be her dreams, I have no doubt.

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