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My Love ©

Katriona Wallace
Stirling, Scotland

Look distant, far away and, if I love too much
Forget that I am speaking though I need to touch
Your eager lips and searching eyes
I feel you only through my spirit and my silent sighs

Here I stand and gaze
At the mountains and the sea
Look away and let me ease my heart
Of words not spoken
That only seem like broken fragments of a piece of art

Be but a summer morning always blue on blue as today
And reach your heart to me in such a tantalizing way
Not to touch, but hold, in thoughts my purest rose
From which falls tears sheerer than you could suppose

I am such a gentle creature, care for me as this
And look away and let me dream of you in bliss
On foam crested drifts along a happy golden shore
Oh, keep my love safe in your heart for evermore

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