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My Love ©

(a poem for a funeral)

Jane Gray
Terrigal, Australia

I look down upon thy face my love,
Eyes that looked into mine,
Seeing deep within my very soul,
Are closed as if asleep.

Lips that brushed my cheek like the wings of butterflies,
Bringing love and life into my body,
Look pale and drained of life.

No more do I hear thy voice,
Bringing forth sweet words,
That sang to me in love,
Now sings with choirs of Angels

Arms strong and reassuring,
Holding me close in the dark of night,
Lie still and lifeless,
My heart feels dead, yet within, my body cries in pain.

Never again shall you and I together,
Watch the awakening of a new day,
Nor see the sun sink deeply into the evening sky,
A veil of darkness falls over me.

Death has taken thee from me,
And yet my love, in me you live,
Your voice, your touch, your breath,
Within my heart you live forever

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