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My Highland Brother ©

Mike Barclay
Münster, Germany

Together we are stronger than a wall
Our hearts never say farewell
To the land of our birth and dreams
The first snow falls near the Glens

Near the black hills of singing silver
There is the end of every story born
Your horse awaits you near the heather
The sea of blossom ancient dreams

A wish has arisen to the land of eternity
The four winds singing their sweetest melodies
Your little house near Loch Lomond sleeps
Your rose garden touches your soul

And your Highland rose sleeps
So deeply in tenderness
Of longing arms
Of her warrior's heart

Once in a lifetime
My brother I swore
We will stand on the green fields
With our Scottish roses

Listen to the serenades
Of the thistles
Written for millions of dreams
In our souls of destiny

Sunrise fall through your face
My brother
Catch the wings again
To learn to fly back to your heart of wishes

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