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My Grampa's Soldiers ©

Anne Dickson
Irvine, Scotland

My grampa brought me soldiers,
some are blue, the others red.
They were his when he was little,
"so very old," he said.

We set them on the table,
he took blue and I took red.
We had a great big battle
until most of them were dead.

We battled till the one side
had lost all of its men.
My grampa was the winner
but I will challenge him again.

He said, that I could keep them
but, look after them I must,
because they're really old you see
and has put them in my trust.

It's great my grampa trusts me
with some of his old toys.
It really means so much to me,
I'm luckier than most boys.

He really thinks I'm special
and I just think he's great.
He hopes the soldiers bring me joy,
like they did, when he was eight.

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