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My Friend Toby ©

Tom Green
Fife, Scotland

Sometimes when I am feeling down
Or what might be called depressed
I’m pleased when Toby comes around
He makes me feel less stressed

He never has too much to say
When he comes round to play
Just an odd comforting murmur
As my troubles I outpour

His visits can be a. or p.m.
I never know just when
Six o’clock in the morning
Or in the evening about ten

I’m always pleased to see him
No matter what the time
He is not too demanding
He could be called sublime

But if he calls too late at night
And I’m on my way to bed
I tell him “Good night my son”
And pat him on the head

Now you may think I’m heartless
Leaving him outside the door
“What a way to treat a friend!”
You’ll say
“He deserves so much more”

But please, I beg, don’t over react
Treat my confession with tact
Because you see it is just that
Friend Toby’s my neighbour’s cat

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