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Van Tan Ngo
Quebec, Canada

I am on this side of ocean
North America winter too cold
Only white snow flowers fall
None of other flowers can bloom

Roses, lilies, sunflowers
Any kind that bring me love
Please sell me all any price
For love garden I'm ready to buy

I particularly love thornless rose flowers
I am lonely, no relative whoever
Please send me the most beautiful one you got
more beautiful than gold or silver

And send me along a kiss
Seeing flowers, but you I miss
Why don't you want to deliver?
So we would then be together?

My home right in Montreal downtown
Just a mile far from Royal mount
A love garden with birds singing
Please deliver, I am waiting

Do not say no, the way too far!
Stay overnight I have room for you
A double bed with two new pillows
Dream all night in rose flowers

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