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Anne Dickson
Irvine, Scotland

I sit in front of an open fire,
wondering what to do.
I sit and watch the TV
and think of only you.

I think about you daily,
when I am on my own.
The fire inside me burning,
when I think of you alone.

We sit inside our houses,
wondering how we are.
Wishing to be together
yet loving you from afar.

I wish that you were with me,
sitting by the fire.
Doing things together
is my one true desire.

Watching all the programmes,
snuggled in real close.
Being together is so fine,
the time I love the most.

I am warm and cosy,
the fire is blazing hot.
I am drinking coffee,
and missing you a lot.

I wake up in the morning
not as warm as I had been.
I am so disappointed,
it was only in my dream.

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