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My Day ©

Jim McRobert
Edinburgh, Scotland

Each day I deal with pain
a moments thought an ugly stain
A lack of peace within my head
an angry word from me is said
sometimes rage sometimes fear
trapped for life as days draw near
often offered words of hope
a hug or kiss give chance to cope
but still it nags this pain of mine
a day… a week….. all the time

each day I try to deal with pain
control the thoughts within my brain
hypnotise and take control
of mind and body’s nagging soul
without the need of numbing drug
to leave my head in stuporred fugg
to give me pain I did not have
or bowel control within the lave
but still it jags this pain of mine
a day… a week…. All the time

I get these shocks from head to toe
All round they go or to and fro
Sometimes a tweak from hand to ear
Others blast by raging fear
From grinding bones in ancient hips
Or burning hot inverted chips
In raging pain each step I walk
In fear of stumble, trip or drop
But still it nags this pain of mine

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