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My Bonnie Lass ©

An old poem I have made modern, to give to a lady I adore

John Bearcat-Redmond
Fife, Scotland

My bonnie lass we must never part, or let our hearts fly away like a dove
Or let others whisper in our ears their wanton songs of love
Or I will think no more of thee while still your voice your words command
If our dear love can be bought so cheap throughout the far off land
I will always think of thee my love and of the slow winged hour
When I spoke of love within our hearts beneath a snow-bound tower
Yes, I will sing my song of thee so dear to me in dream
And distant days will pass indeed throughout my life in an old romantic theme
By mountain, valley and stream in my true Scottish brave-hearted arm
I shall sing every word of love to you a token of my love wrapped in a magic charm
The corn is not sown upon the fields of love in massive shroves
The wind shall blow her silent whispers of my love for you down throughout the apple groves
I will sing you a song of hallowed love and my feelings you can have are free
And I have the dreams I have of your soft tender kisses, you forever promised to me

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