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My Body Sings ©

Lucia Mussollini
Edinburgh, Scotland

Black and silky, many shades
I can only imagine, until I feel brave
Your body, so strong, you should know all along
How I want it, to kiss it, to love you all night long

In the cupboard will do nicely
Against the wall you can make me
Feel so hot and so weak
That my hot head will lift me off my feet

When I dream of our bodies
They are twisted in knots
They are opposites sharing sweat
They are two which should be one in bed, very wet

Not too long can I wait
Or my toy will abate
This throbbing down below
And into fantasy you will go

Please don't make me wait long
My body does sing a song
Of desire and lust
Let's love in the night dust
If we must

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