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My Alphabet ©

Anne Dickson
Irvine, Scotland

A is for Adorable
I do adore you so.
B is for Beautiful
for the love that you show.

C is for Comfort
you give when I am sad.
D is for Danger
when I get really mad.

E is for Enthusiasm
you always seen to have.
F is for Frustration
when things are going bad.

G is for Gorgeous
you always say I am.
H is for Harmony
when things are nice and calm.

I is for Ideas
that always come to mind.
J is for Justice
for all of mankind.

K is for Kisses
you always blow my way.
L is for Love
that you give me everyday.

M is for Memories
we will always share.
N is for Nothing
when things are not there.

O is for Outrageous
we don't seem to be.
P is for Patient
that's me to a big degree.

Q is for Quietness
that is a tranquil thing.
R is for Roses
you always bring.

S is for Sugar
it's as sweet as you.
T is for Transparent
we can see right through.

U is for Understanding
we both seem to be.
V is for Vengeance
is really not for me.

W is for Wisdom
something you acquire.
X is for X-rated
when I show you my desire.

Y is for Yellow
when your scared of everything.
Z is for Zeal
as I do my own thing.

This Alphabet is simple
and easy to explain.
This is my own Alphabet
but it doesn't have a name.

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