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Morning Light ©

Nat Hall
Sandwick, Shetland

When fast asleep I hear your voice,
I feel the sea;
Lingering clouds shrouding the hills
You cannot see...
From the cold night, darkness was
Playing with the light -
Is this a dream that made me wake
In all its might?

When fast asleep I feel your hand,
I hear the sea;
Like the granite my love is strong -
You cannot flee...
With the sunrise the nearby sheep
Were bleating high,
The air was crisp - the morning bright...
For you I'd fly.

When fast asleep you roam my dreams
We are the sea...
Flowing abreast between those rocks
Now we can see...
The light blue skies where seagulls
Fly and skylarks sing;
You are my life, my heart and blood...
Not just a fling.

...Now I can wake,
Unlike the tide you'll stay
With me.

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