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Moonlit Night ©

Anne Dickson
Irvine, Scotland

The moon is high in the sky;
I feel the chilling breeze.
I think about you and I,
hoping that I please.

We walk in the moonlight
It really is so sweet.
Walking together hand in hand
Thinking, this is neat.

We take a seat,
Look at the moon and snuggle in tight,
keeping out the chilling breeze,
of that cold moonlit night.

We look up at the lovely moon
high up in the sky.
It's giving off a bit of light
so I can see your eyes.

I look into your eyes, so deep,
I can see your soul.
You are looking back at me,
our emotions out of control.

We kiss, we hug, to show our love,
on that moonlit night.
We are so close together,
like the stars that shine so bright.

We love, with our heart and soul
when the moon is in our sight.
I am thankful for our love
on that moonlit night.

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