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Mither 'am thinkin o' ye far alang the road ©

James Mutch Crockett
Hong Kong, China

Mither 'am thinkin' o' ye far alang the road,
Feeling lost and dreading the nicht
Still trying tae find mae wye
Withoot botherin' wae ony guid-bye
I up an' left ye wae nae regard,
Tae yer warnin's an' nit a ward
Jist daft an' lookin' the ether way
Weel noo how kin a' tell ye,
I need ye here the day,
I lee'd whin I tel't ye a' couldna stay
An' ye were richt an' a' kin hear ye say,
It's a lang an lonely wye by yersal alang the way!

Mither 'am thinkin' o' ye far alang the road,
A' remember yer voice fin its dark,
An 'am lost alang the wye,
A' chose thes life fit kin a' say,
Al' aleen an far awae,
Tellin' masel' 'am deing fine,
Wae ye still on ma' mind,
Bit instead o' listnin' tae ye,
A' turn't an' wacke't awae,
Even try't tae say "a' love ye",
Bit a' could'na get roon the ward,
Noo there's nething left tae say!

Mither 'am thinkin' o' ye far alang the road,
Sorry fer that thing a' said tae ye,
Noo its heavy in ma heed an' in mae hert,
How kin a' face ye in the street,
Since mae cruel wards made ye greet,
Mony kal nichts 'ave hid tae thole,
Knowin' it wiz your gold dust that I stole,
The day a' turnt mae back on yee,
Now wae naebody tae share mae feelin's,
An the sorrow that a' gave,
Then a' heer't the ward fae a stranger,
That ye were lyin' in yer grave.

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