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Miss Charlotte Church ©

William Denholm
Edinburgh, Scotland

When Charlotte was a girl
She always gave her best
Now she just wants
To be like the rest
Now the little Cymru cutie
Has become a young woman of beauty
She's only eighteen
And every young man's dream
In casual wear
Or an evening dress
Show me a man who wouldn't say yes
And I'll show you a liar

When she first hit the scene
Some claimed her angelic voice
Came from the heavens above
Now some of the media
Heap their scorn
Because she goes in search of love
But it's not so long ago
When Queen's and President's
Saw her perform
Now she's no longer
What Christians would call devout
As she tries to find out
What life and love is all about

Miss Church and Miss Spears
You cannot compare
Charlotte has natural looks
And sings with so much feeling
In her voice
Britney has breast implants
And extensions made from
Someone else's hair
I know who I would choose
Sorry Miss Spears
You lose.

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